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Investment Plan

Times Have Changed!  And the differences are being felt everywhere in today's financial markets.  Those who adjust will survive.  Those who know how to take advantage of the changes will not just survive.  They will thrive!

That's where we come in.  Proper review, analytics, product recommendations and distribution strategies.  We assist our clients to meet their capital needs and better manage their financial positions.

It Takes More Than Money.  It Takes An Edge.  That edge is the stability, longevity and expertise accumulated and earned over the past 40 plus years by John J. Brooking and his firm, John J. Brooking & Associates.  Let us hear from you in the response form area and give us the opportunity to EARN the right to your business.

We at John J. Brooking & Associates develop sound investment plans with a thorough understanding of your financial expectations and goals.  We will work closely with you to establish a personalized plan of action based on your current and long term goals.  Yes, customized planning is a dynamic process and the design of your investment portfolio is just the beginning.  To ensure your investments hold the intentions of your plan, we will research investments that match your objectives and suggest the right asset mix and diversification for your portfolio.  We will re-balance your assets periodically to maintain your desired asset allocation.  We will prepare detailed reports based on your need and desire to obtain information and meet with you to review the status of your plan and any major changes in your personal financial situation.  In addition, we are available to answer your questions and provide information on the changing market events and opportunities.

Studies have revealed that working with a professional advisor has positive effects on investment returns.  Individuals who invest on their own may tend to follow the crowd and get in and out of the market at the wrong times.  Investors who work with investment professionals tend to invest long term and could ultimately obtain higher long term results.

Let our firm help coordinate and guide you to a better tomorrow.  We look forward to working with you.