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This word About Our Firm will furnish you with the philosophy and description of the comprehensive money management services that John J. Brooking & Associates provides its clients. Let me emphasize our coordinated financial planning concept is not like all other concerns offering multiple services...We Are Different.

Financial Coordinators

We are coordinators of money plans. We, as financial coordinators, are sincerely concerned with your financial health. As your coordinator, we feel we have more than adequate expertise to satisfy the greatest majority of our clients needs. However, we do not profess to know everything there is to know to help everyone with their money planning. When we need help, we call on specialists who are available to our firm.


John J. Brooking & Associates has coordinated the talents of specialists representing accounting, investments, insurance, law, health services, property & casualty and trust officers in an effort to properly coordinate our clients money plan. The specialists might be in our office, the same building, or on call, the point is they are available to give quality advice.

Proper Coordination

In years past, the financial community has been less than perfect in proper coordination of financial spheres. This imperfection is why our concept of money planning was created decades ago, and the basic reason for our great long term success in gaining the confidence and trust of our clients. It is our intent to offer you an "Objective Image" to your money plan.

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I invite you to browse around our web site, call or office and visit directly with a seasoned planner to find out how our system of coordinated planning can help you achieve your financial hopes and dreams.

Best regards,

John J. Brooking, RFC, President

Registered Financial Consultant